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VTA-1 🧑🏽➡️🧑🏽   like: wîcihêw

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  1. s/he holds s.o. nicely (as a mother holds her child) CW
  2. s/he has a good hold on s.o., s/he has complete control over s.o. CW
  3. S/he has total control over her/him or them. AECD
ni-/ki- word
I → you (one) kimiyonitin
I → him/her nimiyonâw
you (one) → me kimiyonin
you (one) → him/her kimiyonâw
s/he → me nimiyonik
s/he → you (one) kimiyonik
s/he → him/her/them miyonêw
s/he/they → him/her miyonik
ê-/kâ- word
I → you (one) ê-miyonitân
I → him/her ê-miyonak
you (one) → me ê-miyoniyan
you (one) → him/her ê-miyonat
s/he → me ê-miyonit
s/he → you (one) ê-miyonisk
s/he → him/her/them ê-miyonât
s/he/they → him/her ê-miyonikot
you (one) → me miyonin
you (one) → him/her miyon