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Paradigm labels

These are the labels that appear on the paradigm table to label features like person, tense, plurals, etc.

  • Examples: I, you (one), s/he; something is happening now, something happened earlier

  • Examples: 1s, 2s, 3s; Present, Past

  • Examples: niya, kiya, wiya; ê-ispayik anohc/mêkwâc/mâna, ê-ispayik kwayâc

Emoji for animate nouns (awa words)

Choose the emoji that will represent all awa words.

Select Dictionary Source

Select one of the following options to chose which entries are displayed in the search results

  • Show entries from the Cree: Words dictionary. Wolvengrey, Arok, editor. Cree: Words. Regina, University of Regina Press, 2001

  • Show entries from the Maskwacîs Dictionary. Maskwacîs Dictionary. Maskwacîs, Maskwachees Cultural College, 1998.

  • Show entries from CW and MD (default)