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VTI-1 🧑🏽➡️💧   like: nâtam

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  1. s/he puts out a fire or turns off a light, lamp, or flashlight CW
  2. s/he extinguishes s.t. by hand CW
  3. He puts the light out MD
ni-/ki- word
I nitâstawênên
you (one) kitâstawênên
s/he âstawênam
we (but not you) nitâstawênênân
you and we kitâstawênênânaw
you (all) kitâstawênênâwâw
they âstawênamwak
s/he/they âstawênamiyiwa
ê-/kâ- word
I ê-âstawênamân
you (one) ê-âstawênaman
s/he ê-âstawênahk
we (but not you) ê-âstawênamâhk
you and we ê-âstawênamahk
you (all) ê-âstawênamêk
they ê-âstawênahkik
s/he/they ê-âstawênamiyit
you (one) âstawêna