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VAI-1: vowel-final animate intransitive verb

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  1. s/he races, s/he is in a race; it gallops CW
Something is happening now
ni-/ki- word
I nikotiskâwân
you (one) kikotiskâwân
s/he kotiskâwêw
we (but not you) nikotiskâwânân
you and we kikotiskâwânaw / kikotiskâwânânaw
you (all) kikotiskâwânâwâw
they kotiskâwêwak
s/he/they (further) kotiskâwêyiwa
someone kotiskâwâniwan / kotiskâwâniwiw
ê-/kâ- word
I ê-kotiskâwêyân
you (one) ê-kotiskâwêyan
s/he ê-kotiskâwêt
we (but not you) ê-kotiskâwêyâhk
you and we ê-kotiskâwêyahk
you (all) ê-kotiskâwêyêk
they ê-kotiskâwêcik
s/he/they (further) ê-kotiskâwêyit
someone ê-kotiskâwâniwahk / ê-kotiskâwâniwik / ê-kotiskâwêhk
Right now
you (one) kotiskâwê