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VTI-1 🧑🏽➡️💧   like: nâtam

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  1. s/he celebrates s.t., s/he rejoices over s.t., s/he enjoys s.t. CW
  2. s/he has fun, s/he makes merry, s/he is joyful, s/he rejoices CW
  3. S/he is delighted by it. AECD
ni-/ki- word
I nimiyawâtên
you (one) kimiyawâtên
s/he miyawâtam
we (but not you) nimiyawâtênân
you and we kimiyawâtênaw
you (all) kimiyawâtênâwâw
they miyawâtamwak
s/he/they miyawâtamiyiwa
ê-/kâ- word
I ê-miyawâtamân
you (one) ê-miyawâtaman
s/he ê-miyawâtahk
we (but not you) ê-miyawâtamâhk
you and we ê-miyawâtamahk
you (all) ê-miyawâtamêk
they ê-miyawâtahkik
s/he/they ê-miyawâtamiyit
you (one) miyawâta